Nyctophilia [Digital Version]

by Lebensgefahr

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Digital version of the single "Nyctophilia".
No "B-side" (only available on the physical version).

Guest appearence by Sandra Tenwolde, vocalist of the ambient project "Manica".

This song is featured on a full-length called "Nattsånger", which is available here:


released August 15, 2015

Thanks to Sandra Tenwolde for contributing with her voice.
Thanks to the Night, for being beautiful.



all rights reserved
Track Name: En Fäbless För Natten
At midnight I leave, searching for the absence of light.
I head towards the fields where eyes can not focus.

A ray of moonlight pierces the low hanging clouds and sheds a glim of light.
The cold nibbles at the tip of my fingers...
Again Luna hides...
Unable to focus my vision I vaguely percieve Their glimmering eyes:
coming ever much closer - never arriving.
I know, I must keep my eyes un-focused.

But a dull luster catches my sight: the void of Their glimmering eyes.
I focused, I'm lost. I can no longer see the nothingness.
Startled I close the windows to my brain - roll down the curtain...
At last I hear Them approach, arrive and surround me...

"Open thine eyes. Fear not, for I am the Princess of Night."
(I open my eyes. I fear not, for there stands the Princess of Night)
"I am here for thee - thou who always seem to be seeking the absence of light."
(She is here for me - I who always seem to be seeking the absence of light)

Lightly She carress my cheek. I see her eyes: so cold, so bleak.
The bare touch of darkness makes me fall - oh, so weak...

"For long i have tried to reached thee in the cold and dead of night
but always thou hast runnest away from me - away in fright..."

Another moonray as She holds me.
I never knew, how could I?
I always thought that if I focused my eyes, I would die...